I've done a ride with riding pants + the cushion and that was way more comfy. I also did a ride with regular sweats and this seat cushion and that was much better than riding pants on the regular seat. So, I do recommend this. 

Here are a few things I've bought so far.

If you click this link and buy an item I'm supposed to get a small commission which I will almost certainly use to buy more riding gear but also possibly cookies and ice cream. Don't quote me.

Like I mentioned above this is another item inspired by my slippers over my riding shoes Tiktok. Now I have water and towels within reach from my bike. The one I have is a little different and I got it at Walmart a while back but this is very similar in size and price. 

@vitopolizzi I guess these pants are supposed to protect my goods but not so much for my dignity. Riding every day for a year. #peloton #peloton365challenge ♬ Fire - Official Sound Studio

I'm a gadgety guy. I like trinkets like this. When I was riding I realized there was no place to put my phone and my AirPods case. Then, I saw this on amazon with the picture showing exactly what I needed. There are two rubber bands that wrap around the pole to hold it in place. I like that there wasn't any messing with the bike needed to install it. Took me less than a minute to set up. 

@vitopolizzi #DisneyPlusVoices day 10 of riding my peloton every day this year. The bike gets easier but the Tiktoks aren’t. #peloton #peloton365challenge ♬ original sound - patpatsweetie - PatPatAsia

Since I'm going to be riding every day I thought this was a good purchase so I don't have to remember to grab a towel every time. If you've seen my tiktok where I have my slippers over my riding shoes that partially inspired this purchase. 

Since these are the first pair of riding pants I've owned I don't really have the context to tell you if they're good or not. They've worked well for me so far and were inexpensive. The reviews were good and you can't beat prime delivery. If you get them let me know what you think.